Seven Ways to Save While Shopping

16 Feb

Retail therapy. Necessity. Special Event. Whatever the reason, sometimes a girl’s just gotta shop. However, that doesn’t mean one needs to go into debt or spend down to her last dime to look gorgeous. A few tips and tricks can help keep even the most obsessed fashionista in the black.

  1. Sign up for mailing lists and emails at places you frequent. Retailers love to get you on their mailing lists and send you coupons to entice you to shop. You do NOT, I repeat do NOT have to use every coupon you receive. But it is a good way to have some on hand when you go in to look for that perfect sweater or all the rage handbag. That way when you DO decide to buy, you can buy for less. If you are worried about getting spammed do what I did, which is set up a separate email for anything I have to sign up for. Just beware of coupons that require you to spend to save. A coupon that is a straight 25% off is usually a better deal than a coupon that requires you to spend $150 to get $50 off. Unless you are already going to be spending the $150, that coupon isn’t saving you anything…it’s costing you. Mailing lists can also keep you in the loop for any major sales that are coming up. Sometimes all you have to do to save is wait a couple days to buy.
  2. Shop between seasons. If you can wait, buying things like winter coats on clearance during the spring can save you an amazing amount of money. Just make sure you buy classic styles like a trench coat for instance so that when winter rolls around again, your new coat isn’t out of style. Many cute spring skirts can be taken into fall with a chic pair of tights for example. Look for items that stores are trying to get rid of as “last season” but that can be transitioned into the next season.
  3. Make a list. If you have something (or some things) specific in mind, make a list. Much like a list at the grocery store helps keep you from throwing random things in your cart, it can help keep you focused on just what you came in for and not all the cute impulse buys stores like to stock next to the register. I often make a list and then sit with it a day or two. It helps me weed out the things I really love from the items that were really just a passing fancy.
  4. Try everything on. You are much more likely to keep something once you have it home…even if it doesn’t fit. So try everything on, make sure you like it, look at if from all angles. And then, don’t purchase it unless it’s perfect. If it isn’t making your heart flutter, it isn’t worth it. As an aside, this is also why you are more likely to keep things you buy online. Returning things is a hassle. The easiest way to make sure you like your purchases BEFORE you own them is try them on.
  5. Shop with a friend. Just not the one that knows how to justify anything or the one with a shopping problem. No one wants to look like Miss Spends Too Much in front of their peers. Also, friends give each other perspective. Great friends know when to tell you to spend and when to tell you to save. Best friends can help you prioritize when you’re torn between several purchases.
  6. Do price comparisons online. Websites like Shopstyle, Price Grabber, Biz Rate and the like will give you side-by-side comparisons of almost anything. That way when you do decide to buy, you know you’ve paid the best possible price for your new frock.
  7. Sign up for sites that gather coupons. and and are just two of the many sites out there that collect and share coupons and coupon codes for various sites. Sometimes savings is just a click away.

So, shop smartly out there. Don’t over do it and use every means at your fingertips to make sure the deal your getting is the best deal out there. Because there is nothing fashionable about money problems.

Have any savings tips you use? Have a question you need answered? Comment below or send me an email at

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Be Fierce. Be Fashionable. Be Yourself.



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    Whomever voted in the other cateogry…what are some topics you’d like to see covered?

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