Wear It BRIGHT Now!

2 Mar

I’m so happy bright colors are back. It’s not that I don’t love basic black, but nothing perks up the spirits or an outfit like a hot hit of screaming color. Not since the 80s have colors been this eye-searing. However, this time around the combinations have gotten a bit more refined. Popular color choices for this trend include turquoise, hot pink, neon yellow, cobalt blue, Kelly green, neon green, and tangerine.

This much color can be a bit intimidating. But never fear, Heatha Be is here to give you four ways to style the new brights that will have you feeling like a movie-star style diva in no time.

  1. Pair it with neutrals. One of the freshest and easiest ways to wear bright colors is to pair them with a neutral. Think khaki, dove gray, black, white or charcoal. Wearing it this way calls for shots of bright color instead of whole swaths of it. This is also the way to wear it if you aren’t sure about the trend and want to just try it out slowly first. See the outfit below for a better idea of what I’m talking about.

  1. Brights on brights.Eye-popping and electric. Don’t wear this look if you’re trying to blend in. This is the one to stand out in. If you wear it this way, it’s simplest to pair a solid bright with a multi-colored bright that has the solid in it somewhere. The outfit from the Victoria’s Secret catalog shows exactly what I’m talking about. The shirt picks up the the blue from the shorts and then adds in some other fun colors, and then the hat band picks up another color in the shirt. Everything is in brilliant colors, but they all complement and play off each other.

    Victoria’s Secret Midi Denim Short, $49.50

  2. Tone on tone.Just mix different tints of the same color. So if you have bright coral jeans on, you’d match it with a soft pastel peach top and maybe a coral cardigan. See the outfit I styled below for one way to mix shades.

    Shades of coral look positively radiant together. Other colors that work well for this type of look include cobalt, kelly green & red

  3. Colorblocking! I did an entire post on colorblockinga while back. Same rules apply to mixing brights. Just mix complementary colors to your heart’s content and tie it together with some killer accessories. There are a ton of cute colorblocked dresses out there that will do all the work for you if you’re not feeling quite confident enough to put it together yourself. The one below is a great example.

    Bebe Colorblocked dress, $119, Pleated, Twirly Fun!

Whatever way you wear it, you’re sure to get noticed. Everybody from Target to Kate Spade is getting in on this trend, so whether you have a small budget or a large one, you’ll be able to find something to fit your needs. Clearly the future’s so bright we’ll have to wear shades (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

If you know of more ways to wear brights, please share them with us. I’m always looking for new ways. If you’d like help styling a particular neon item you own, I’d love to help you with that too! Just comment below or email me at princessheathab@gmail.com. And please subscribe to my blog!

Future blog topics include:

  • How to Dress Appropriately for Any Occasion
  • How to Get Down in Black and Brown
  • Colored Jeans, A Rainbow of Possibilities
  • Trends To Buy Right Now

Be Fierce. Be Fashionable. Be Yourself.




2 Responses to “Wear It BRIGHT Now!”

  1. Vanessa Chapman March 2, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    I love brights, but since hitting 40 I’ve worried a bit about how much I can get away with. In England we have an expression ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ – I don’t think you have that expression in the States, but probably something similar. It’s basically an insult directed at older women who are dressed too young. My biggest fashion fear is to be described like that! I like your first suggestion of a little splash of something bright on a neutral base. Your post also brought back memories of the early 80s when the fluorescents were in, yellow, orange, pink, green, and we used to wear black leggins, and then a big fluorescent sweater with matching fluorescent socks. How cool were we!

    • heathabe March 2, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

      I used to wear that exact same outfit. Ahhhh, baggy sweaters…the days when comfortable was fashionable. I’m going to be 38 in April. I think you can get away with brights as long as you don’t go overboard. The first way to wear them is definitely the most accessible for sure. We do not have that expression in the states but I may have to start using it. I love it! LOL And San Francisco has many women of a certain age who didn’t get the memo. 🙂

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