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Spooktacular Tips for a Fabooolous Halloween

30 Oct

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. So much so that I start planning for next Halloween starting on November 1st. I love the frivolity, the candy, and most especially the excuse to dress up as one of my favorite characters. My motto has always been to go big or go home. I like to get all the little details right.

With that in mind here are some of my tips for making the most of your Halloween costume.

Whenever possible, rather than purchase a costume, I make it myself. Etsy has many great patterns for sale that are really helpful. When I do purchase my costume, I give it some modifications to make it my own. If the costume requires an item like a dress or pants, I try to purchase ones I can wear AFTER Halloween. I’d rather spend $60 on pants I’ll wear again, than $20 on some bad, scratchy super thin pair that will go in the costume drawer after the 31st.

Also, if your costume requires makeup effects of some sort, I always consult YouTube. There are videos of how to do makeup for everything from Anime – Zombies. Even if you don’t want to copy exactly what the makeup artist is doing, it’s usually a great jumping off point and a great way to learn.

If you’re like me, you want to have a costume that is cute and authentic but also still probably need a coat and a handbag. I usually go with something that I feel my character would wear for the coat and/or stick with the color scheme. Try to work one of the props in for the handbag. I was Harley Quinn (Joker’s girlfriend) some years ago and I made a handgun handbag with a POW! Coin purse, pictured below in the fourth photo. I found the pattern and idea online as well. Research is always useful. My mom created the shell handbag you see with the mermaid costume. It even had a pearl! She also made me the bee hive handbag you see below. She used a pattern she found at JoAnn’s Fabrics. Isn’t she super talented?!

Try not to leave things until the last minute. You don’t want to be exhausted on Halloween because you stayed up until the wee hours of the morning the night before putting the finishing touches on your costume.

And finally it’s the details that really make the costume memorable so don’t forget ‘em. Whether that means, claws, fangs, a wig or just the right necklace, for Halloween it really is all about the accessories. J

And finally, be safe out there. Even though we are all grown up, it’s a good idea to travel in pairs and never leave a drunken vampire or Sarah Palin behind.

Happy Halloween! Stay spooky my friends! I’ve included some of my favorite Halloween costumes below. I wish I could find one from the year I went as a peacock with full tail plumage but alas, the pics have disappeared. I’m blaming ghosts!

I’ll post pics of this years costume tomorrow along with the makeup tutorial I watched to perfect my look.

Next year I really feel I need to go as an updated version of this. Though I think I’ll wear something other than the dress. And I’m thinking a white or pink wig for the mane. We shall see!

Wa ha ha…wait’ll they get a load of me!

The Joker’s gonna get ya, Bats!

Bang! Pow! Halloween fun with two of my favorite ladies!

Miss Honey Mimosa. Sweet as honey but she’s got a sting…technically not worn on Halloween but it shoes my bee hive hand bag and use of tank tops.

Clearly the props were a hit! Here’s my husband wielding the swatter!

Mermaid out of water!

Such a pretty dress!

A better look at the shell handbag.

Even my dog gets in on the fun! Buzz!