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Funk Off!

29 Mar

I’ve been in a full-on fashion funk lately. I think it has something to do with the weather. It’s been a really loooooong winter and as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m definitely more of a warm weather sort of girl. I love sundresses and swimsuits, slouchy bags and beachy hair. But it is high time I snap out of it. So here’s what I did to shake it off and come out smiling and more fashion forward then ever. Or at least I hope I am.

  1. I organized my closet. It was amazing what a breath of fresh air this was. I remembered clothes I had forgotten, reinvented ways to wear old favorites and just in general got back in touch with the clothes I already own. Plus, moving things around helped me pull some items to the forefront that I otherwise might overlook. And just the act of touching my clothes inspired a few outfit ideas that I was dying to try.
  2. I found some new places to shop and rediscovered old ones. I’ve always loved Nordstrom. With their great customer service, excellent return policy and quality clothing, they are a real go-to. However, I hadn’t been in awhile. But lo and behold I got a catalog in the mail touting a new department they just opened called Savvy. And folks, I’m here to tell you the department is fantastic! The clothes are cute, spot-on trend wise and reasonably priced. Not inexpensive, mind you, but reasonable. Prices start around $58; slightly lower for jewelry and accessories. Most dresses I saw were around $88. It was just the change of pace I needed to kick-start my fashion imagination.And then Macy’s went and made a Marilyn Monroe collection. MARILYN MONROE. She is only one of my favorite go-to style icons ever. The woman is a legend…and there’s a cherry print trench coat involved. I die. And matching cherry shorts. And a t-shirt bearing my favorite Marilyn quote. Who could ever be in funk surrounded by cherry print? I mean really!
    Cherry Print Trench, Macy's, 89.50

    Cherry Print Trench, Macy’s, 89.50

    Marilyn Monroe Quote Tee, Macy's, $29.50

    Marilyn Monroe Quote Tee, Macy’s, $29.50

    Marilyn Monroe Cherry Shorts, Macy's, $44.50

    Marilyn Monroe Cherry Shorts, Macy’s, $44.50

    Even just window shopping these places was enough to reinvigorate my passion for fashion.

  3. I purchased one key, fabulous piece. I found a dress, the most beautiful dress and it has had me dreaming for weeks. I’m going to wear it on Easter. It’s floaty, ethereal, delicate and oh, so sexy in just the right way. This one dress had me inventing an edgy way to wear it, a classic way to wear it and a simple way to wear it and I’m just getting started. Dress pictured below.

    ASTR Lace Maxi Dress, Nordstrom, $88

    ASTR Lace Maxi Dress, Nordstrom, $88

  4. My mom came for a visit bearing cuteness. She always comes with a “suitcase gift,” which is a little bag of goodness she pulls out of her suitcase and presents me with. This one features some killer pair of jeans, an AMAZING cream sleeveless t-shirt with a lace skull on the front and an awesome bronze jacket. I’m a lucky girl.
  5. Mom and I went shopping. A favorite comment from the event came from a salesperson at Nordstrom, “Oooooh, that’s so you…totally girly-girl with an edge.” It helps to know that someone else is getting the vibe you’re sending. Comments don’t always happen so fortuitously or spontaneously so if you need one, ask a friend how they’d define your style. Sometimes all it takes to snap out of a funk or a rut is someone else reminding you what you are all about in the first place.
  6. I went back to basics. Black and white are always fresh, classic and in-style. Always. I paired black and white tuxedo jeans with a white blouse with studded pockets and some killer black booties with gold studs all over them and never felt chicer. See below for items similar to what I wore.
    Express Studded Portofino Shirt, on sale for $35.94!

    Express Studded Portofino Shirt, on sale for $35.94!

    Express Tuxedo Jeans, on sale right now for $47.94

    Express Tuxedo Jeans, on sale right now for $47.94

  7. I perused magazines and blogs for outfit ideas. There is something to inspire in every outfit if you look hard enough and figure out what YOU think is working and what YOU feel is not working. Sometimes the right inspiration is all it takes to get you off and running. Some go-to blogs of mine include: Cupcakes & Cashmere, and Fash Boulevard. Glamour online and at newsstands is always worth a look as well.
  8. While the weather was cold I fell back in love with my coat collection. I reminded myself of all the fun items that you can only wear when it’s cold outside. That gorgeous black lace trench coat I have with the luscious faux fur collar? Only for winter so I better enjoy it while I can.
  9. I re-purposed some of my favorite sundresses for colder weather. It’s surprising how wearable a sundress can be with a blazer, tights and boots. Stick to earth tones or wintery colors and there is no reason for my sundresses to stay hidden until Spring. Even my Grecian-inspired knife pleat number became appropriate with a matching cardi and heels.
  10. Find something hard to style and let it inspire you in new directions. This might not work for everyone but it sure helped me. I saw this pair of Steve Madden wedge sneakers and fell in love with them…but they are not the easiest things to style. I haven’t actually purchased them yet but I did mentally create all sorts of ways I could wear them. Just the act of working them into outfits I already own freshened my outlook and had me exploring fashion tangents I might not otherwise have considered. For the record, I think a white pair of jeans, cobalt blue t-shirt, my polka-dot jean jacket and these sneakers would rock together.

    Steve Madden Wedge Sneakers, $149.94, Nordstrom

    Steve Madden Wedge Sneakers, $149.94, Nordstrom

I guess the bottom line is never let a funk steal your inspiration. It’s up to you to find it again. You can only wallow so long. So get out there and work it ladies!

And never forget….

Be Fierce. Be Fashionable. Be Yourself.



P.S. All the photos are clickable and will take you to the items featured.


Fun, Fabulous Finds Under $30

3 Feb

The only thing better than finding great new fashion and beauty items is finding them for a steal. And I’ve been finding a lot of them lately. In fact, the deals have been so good, I just can’t keep them to myself, so I’m going to share them with you. Hopefully they will make you feel as excited and inspired as they do me.

Combining the neon AND lace trends, I found this super cute yellow lace t-shirt at Forever 21. I can’t wait to wear it dressed down with my skinny jeans and then try it dressed up with one of my pencil skirts. I’ve been really loving yellow and gray together lately. It’s a fun and fresh way to make the yellow pop. Only $11.50!

Yellow Lace Shirt, Forever 21, $11.50

I made my way to another section of Forever 21 and found these amazing red lace shorts and this matching pink, salmon and red striped cropped sweater. The red shorts remind me of a pair I saw Blake Lively wearing not long ago, only I bet hers didn’t come in at such a reasonable $19.80. The sweater was only $15.80. I barely broke the $30 mark with BOTH pieces, let alone one. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the shorts in particular strike just the right vibe. I plan to put a white button up under the sweater to complete the look. I might even add a pair of red heels for date night.

Red Lace Shorts, Cropped Striped Sweater, Forever 21

And then because the shorts made me think of Audrey Hepburn and 1950’s women in sun bonnets, I found myself drawn again and again to this amazing chapeau at Claire’s. It has just the right amount of floppiness to be dashing without obstructing my sight by falling into my eyes. Eatcha’ heart out, Joe Bradley. At only $18, I couldn’t pass it up.

Polka dot hat, Claire's, $18

A little later in the week, I found these great and somehow practical silver sequin flats. They fold flat and slip into the matching drawstring bag. They are perfect for throwing into your briefcase or handbag for those moments when your heels have outworn their welcome. Comfy, soft, and nearly slipper-like, they made walking the couple blocks to the car a breeze. They’ve been in my work bag ever since and have already earned their $25 price several times over. These pretty little slippers are available in silver, gold or black from Aldo. They do run small, though. I normally wear a size 5 at Aldo and had to move up to a size 6 for these to fit. The woman that rang me up mentioned she went up a size in them as well.

Silver Sequin Flats & Drawstring Bag, Aldo, $25

Not technically a fashion item, but too pretty to pass up, the new eyeshadows and lipgloss from Physician’s Formula are sure to please. The Shimmer Strips eyeshadows ($10.95) glide on smooth and creaseless. I got the Nudes which come in a beautiful lacy case with three sets of three shadows increasing your eye look in intensity as you move down the rows.  It also comes in Fashionista (brights), Denim (blues), and Smokey. There are several palettes to enhance your eye color, whether it be brown, green or blue. I have pretty sensitive skin and wear contacts, and Physician’s Formula never bothers, either. The pH Matchmaker lipgloss ($9.95) goes on a pale, translucent pink, and then within 15 seconds or so, transforms to match your skin tone. Mine went to a beautiful bright pink. The tube has a built-in mirror and the cap has a light for easy and effortless application, even in a dark car. Though the gloss faded, the color lasted all day without reapplication. If I didn’t already have a full case of blush, I would have also purchased the adorable and ready for Valentine’s Happy Booster™ Glow & Mood Boosting Blush.

Eyeshadow Palette and Lipgloss, Physician's Formula

And last, but certainly not least, are these snuggly pajamas my mom sent me from Macy’s. They were having a sale and she told me one of the sets rang up for only $4.95 and the other was around $13! I’ve been cold lately and these fuzzy flannel and fleece sets have really helped. I found the leopard slippers at the same sale as well. By Betsey Johnson, they were on sale for only $15. Both sets are cute, comfy and perfect for catching some zzzz’s without catching a cold.

Pajamas, Macy's

Fashion need not break the bank to be beautiful. There are tons of amazing finds out there. Feel free to share yours below in the comments. If you have a question or something you’d think would make a good “Inspiration of the Week,” you can also comment below or drop me an email at princessheathab@gmail.com

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Be Fierce. Be Fashionable. Be Yourself.